5 Unique Christmas Presents You Haven’t Thought Of

5 Unique Christmas Presents You Haven't Thought OfChristmas is the season of giving, but do you ever find it hard to decide what you should actually give out? People often go out and buy the things that they really want for themselves, so that won’t work. You could go with some cliche presents, but then it does not look like you put any thought and effort into it. Below are five interesting, unique ideas that can help you find a gift that someone will be sure to love.

A Refurbished Ax

Think about the traditions of Christmas and it will not take you long to think about hiking through fresh snow to chop down a Christmas tree. A refurbished ax fits this theme and can be used as a decorative piece in the home that is nostalgic and striking, even if it is no longer functional.

A “Club” Subscription

If you know someone fairly well, it may be fun to pay for a subscription for a club like the “cheese of the month club” or some other club they would be interested in. These subscriptions are things that people usually want but won’t spend their own money on—that is what makes it a perfect gift. You can find plenty of Great Clubs, there is probably a club for every interest and every personality type. Also, once they become a member of the club they will be able to get discounted prices in the future, which they will love!

An Engraved Ring

For that special someone in your life, why not buy an engraved ring? You can have the engraving done on the inside of the band so that it is a special secret between the two of you. Pick a favorite quote that you both enjoy from a book or a song, or just make up your own message.

A Picture Made from Text

Did you know that you can buy posters that are images made from the entire text of a famous novel? For instance, the words to Melville’s classic “Moby Dick” are arranged on a white background so that they form the tail of the white whale himself. Great for a literary aficionado.

A Blanket Made From a Photo

You can upload a photo that you have taken and have it printed out on a warm blanket. This is sure to get a lot of use in the cold winter months. Choose a picture of a beautiful landscape, a beloved pet, or anything special to the recipient.

With these gift ideas, your gifts will never be boring or cliche again. Whether you give you loved one a blanket, ring, or subscription to one of the many Great Clubs, they will appreciate your creativity and the thought that you put into the present. It is always refreshing to get something other than a new ornament for the Christmas Tree. Long live creative Christmas presents!

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