Change from Paper to Digitization

Change from Paper to DigitizationSociety is rapidly changing from a paper society to a more digital one. Gone are the days of snail mail as people can now quickly send out a quick email to someone. You can also scan documents, fax papers over to someone, and send a quick text message to someone. After all, texting is what everyone is doing these days to keep in contact with one other. We live in a fast-paced society where people want quick responses. Sending out an email or a text message is quick as you’ll get a response in a matter of minutes instead of having to wait a couple of days for a response.

Even libraries are changing to a more digital way of doing things. Many libraries offer digitization services such as E-Pay, which allow library users to pay their overdue fees online by credit card. If you need to scan something to an email or flash drive, chances are you’re able to do so at your local library. Even when it comes to filing libraries are making the change to digital. They’re now able to scan important documents to a secure location on their computers and do away with paper files. This makes for much better organization and frees up a lot of office space. Some libraries are even making the change that allows library users to return books automatically through a sorter. Once people return their items, they’ll get a receipt that the items were returned. After, the sorter will sort the item into the correct bin, making it easier for staff to put the items back on the shelf. People can even check out items using a self-checkout machine. Libraries even offer e-reader devices such as Nooks and Kindles for lending out books.

E-reader devices have grown very popular within the last couple of years. Nowadays you’ll see management using them in meetings. In any office type environment, chances are you’ll see an e-reader being used by someone. Of course you can still use e-readers to read books, but now most offer much more than that. You can listen to music, search the internet, and download different apps to play games.

Cell phones aren’t just for talking anymore! Now you can surf the web, send text messages and emails, download apps for games, listen to music, and even read books. The latest and greatest cell phones out there offer everything anyone could possible need all in one device.

One of the most used digital devices used is a computer. Computers are everywhere as they are the way of the future. Most teachers require students to type up their papers versus having them be handwritten. No matter what, computers will always be needed for a variety of different daily tasks.

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