Cleaning Tips: Four Tricks To Keeping The House Clean As Ever

Cleaning Tips- Four Tricks To Keeping The House Clean As EverPerhaps in the future they will start to build houses that are self-cleaning. But that day isn’t here yet and indeed many homemakers feel defeated by the amount of time they have to spend cleaning. But here are four tricks to keeping the house as clean as ever and cutting cleaning time to a minimum:

Be Wise With Cleaning Products

The right cleaning products can make all the difference. Buy them in bulk to keep from running out to the store every week for some more. The cleaning product should also be right for the job. A heavy duty de-greaser shouldn’t be wasted on a light stain nor should a light cleanser be used on a heavy duty stain. Also, if the homemaker wants wood blinds that last they should be careful to use as much cleanser as is needed and no more. Another way to save time and money is to reject disposables and buy cleaning cloths that can be washed and used over and over.

Also, ordinary household items are surprisingly effective in cleaning. These include lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and ammonia. They may be just the things to keep those kitchen and bathroom counter tops sparkling.

Set The Right Standard

Some people can’t stand even one cobweb in a corner of the room. Other people are such slobs that they’re the only people who can bear being in their home. Most people at least want to be fairly tidy. The homemaker can set a realistic cleanliness standard for the home. If you want

Make A Schedule

A schedule of cleaning tasks to do daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly will save both time and money as long as it’s followed. Among the daily cleaning tasks can be making the beds, cleaning the kitchen sink and sweeping the kitchen floor. Weekly tasks can include vacuuming the rugs, cleaning the bathrooms and changing the bed linens.

Recruit the Household

Of course, a team will get the housework done much faster than one person and will also save that one person a lot of time and resentment. Cleaning should be something the whole family participates in. It should be fun too. It also makes sure that the house stays cleaner since a person who’s had to clean up an area is invested in making sure that it stays clean.

These tricks should help not only keep the house clean but keep the homeowner sane and with a bit more leisure time.

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