Creating a Contemporary Space

Creating a Contemporary SpaceWanting to create a contemporary space in your house or office? It is easy and you can do it. Modern contemporary spaces tell the world you are with the times and breaking the mold. Contemporary style is what is current, what is now. It does an about face to traditional decor and makes use of modern materials to create a unique look. However, it should not be confused with modernism, which is sometimes called modern. Modernism is a design movement that started in the 20th century. The rules and guidelines for Modernism are much stricter which will allow us to freely take advantage of the ideas that pop into our head.

Contemporary design takes advantage of the space by using fewer items to fill the space and making every piece flexible. Solid patterns instead of bright prints and minimal cluttering. Use of furniture that can perform double duty like a end table becoming a chair, if needed. Flow is the key as you want to keep the room open and airy. Natural sunlight to help expand the open feeling. The clean lines are in sharp contrast to wavy oval design of traditional decor.

Cream, white, tan, beige, and black are the spotlighted colors which tend not to be mixed unless an interesting angle can be created. Although the contemporary design calls for straight lines and sharp angles those rules can be broken by adding a curve or oval to soften the look. Maybe a soft round throw rug to compliment the straight stainless steel legs of the chair or sofa. Flexibility to move the anchor pieces adds greatly to the space.

Carpeting would never be used in a contemporary space. Hardwood and tile floors add to the geometric magic you are trying to create. Bamboo, maple or ash hardwoods can be used, as well as, stone or tile. Once again a fur throw can help soften the angles just a bit. Carpet tiles could be used if you must have a carpeted floor.

Artwork in this style is clean and simple. Gather a work or two from your local art dealer and display it much as it would be in a museum. One large smartly framed piece of art takes the place of groupings. Any photographs should be in simple black and white framed with a shiny glass or similar material.

As you can see creating a contemporary space is fun and the rules are simple and flexible. Sharp lines and geometric angles with lots of space plus a light airy feeling. Simple and clean design for your new room or office.


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