Creating a Space for Your Pet

Creating a Space for Your PetWhen you bring a pet home, it becomes a part of your family. You are responsible for providing the care, safety and love your pet needs. Just as you have various areas of your home designated for specific purposes, you should also create spaces for your dog or cat.

Eating area

You will need to establish an eating area for your pet. This space should include a food dish and water bowl. For your convenience, you might want to purchase a mat to place under the bowls to stabilize the bowls and to keep your floor clean. Be sure to purchase bowls that are appropriate for the size pet you have. Elevated food and water bowls are ideal for tall dogs or for large senior dogs with arthritis.

Social space

A dog or cat likes to be able to observe family activity. Therefore, it is important that you place a bed in a centralized area of your home so that your pet can watch what’s going on. Place a dog or cat bed in the family room, the kitchen or the bedroom. That gives your pet a comfortable observation area so that it doesn’t feel secluded or left out.

Personal space

You know how wonderful it feels to retreat to your personal space when you’ve had a hectic day or when household activity gets to be a little overwhelming. Your dog or cat can feel the need to escape a noisy room or to separate itself from unfamiliar people who come by for a visit. An ideal way to show your pet how much you love it and respect its need for occasional solitude is to create a place of retreat for it. This retreat area should include an ultra comfortable pet bed and possibly a couple of their favorite toys.

Choosing a bed for your dog

Dog beds are available in a multitude of designs and prices. Some of the bed styles include nest style beds, bolster beds, pillows and furniture style beds. There are several things to consider when buying a bed for your dog. You want to select a bed that is appropriate for your dog’s size. You also want to buy a bed that is conducive to your dog’s preferred sleeping style. Does it like to curl up and sleep or does it enjoy stretching out for a nap? Aging pets or pets with health problems can benefit from a heated orthopedic bed.

Cat bed designs include choices such as a dome shaped bed, fleece mats, fleece window perch beds, heated beds and numerous other bed designs. You can easily provide your cat with a luxurious, comfy space.

In addition to choosing a bed that meets your pet’s needs, you probably want to consider how the bed fits into your home decor. There’s an amazingly diverse selection of pet bed designs available. You can select a bed that complements your simplistic, sophisticated modern decor or one that fits perfectly into your casual, country or cottage decor.


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