Gifts to Please Your Wife

Gifts to Please Your WifeEvery Christmas or birthday I always have such a hard time finding the perfect gift for my husband. You’d think it would be easy since I know him so well, but I want it to be just right you know? I want him to feel through my gift that I love him and appreciate all of his hard work for our family. Taking time to step back, I’ve never thought about the fact that he might be feeling the same way about me. As one who doesn’t necessarily ask for things, he might not know what to get me for that special occasion. That being said, what are some fun gift ideas for your wife?

Well, if your wife is anything like me, I love the arts. I studied Humanities in college and fell in love with music, art, architecture, drama, etc. If your wife has similar interests perhaps a gift such as a trip to the local museum that is showing a renowned art exhibit would be appropriate. Something else might be tickets to see the local symphony, or a local dramatic performance. The best gift my husband has given me so far in the short time we’ve been married was tickets to see Wicked which is my all time favorite Broadway musical. Not only did I love the show, but it was a fun date night with my husband.

Going along with similar interests, if your wife is into art or photography look for a company that makes canvases. Often these companies can do professional images of beaches, flowers, lakes mountains, or waterfalls that could be used in various rooms in your home. They are able to do photos on canvas, split canvas photos, rolled canvas prints and Instagram on canvas in most cases. Something that we have in our home is a photo of our wedding day on a canvas and it is special to us and reminds us of our special day whenever we look at it. I have always liked the idea of having artwork on canvases in the home. It is a beautiful and memorable gift.

Other fun gift ideas for your wife if she is active include a bike, workout clothing, a gym membership, or other things she enjoys such as tickets to sporting events. The best types of gifts a husband can give a wife show thought and care. Think of her personality and give her something that shows you love and care for her.

If she is creative, perhaps give her some supplies to make some jewelry like necklaces or bracelets. If she like jewelry perhaps visit buy gold Washington dc to see what they have. Not only do they have gold and silver pieces, they also have diamonds and pieces from the designer names such as Cartier, Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. You are bound to find a used piece of jewelry that is wonderful. If she is into sewing get her a nice sewing machine and fun fabric so that she can make clothing or blankets/quilts. My best advice is to take time and think about your wife and her personality. Don’t just get a boring present that anyone could give her. Do something special that you know she will like and that will make her smile.


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