How to Stay Organized During a Move

moving_boxesWe all know that moving into a new apartment or home can be a very chaotic ordeal to say the least and keeping well organized in the process can seem like a daunting task. Yet, it doesn’t have to be!

First thing you should do to help with organization of your move is to make an outline of exactly what you want done. First make a list of the biggest rooms with the most of your possessions and belongings. Go front biggest room to smallest and work your way from there. Taking care of the bigger rooms first is taking care of most of the work first. Make sure you have a lot of boxes that are in good condition. Boxes that are water damaged or have tears will only slow down the process of your move. Make sure to label the boxes according to room and place the boxes within the room. Once you have a room cleared out and the only thing left in the room is a bunch of cardboard containers, move onto the next room. Leave the boxes in the previous room there that way when you have very room packed up and ready to go, you wont be tripping over things that have yet to be put away which could cause some serious safety concerns.

Another great tip to help organize a move is to hire some people to help you. There are quite a few great movers in Fort Lauderdale that would be more than happy to help you on your way to your new home if you are planning on moving to Florida. Movers can help take the stress off you both physically and mentally. Make sure to pack all the most important things that you use on a daily basis such as pillows or toys and non perishable foods, last. Be certain to label this box uniquely, that way you will be able to distinguish this box of essential needs and goods from the rest of the boxes. It will be the last box on the truck and the first box off making it easier to get to.

Making a move is never an easy task, but if you take to heart some of the things here in this article, it will go much smoother without the hassle and headaches that normally come with such a momentous task. Happy moving everyone and be safe!

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