Online Scrapbooking 101

Online Scrapbooking 101Keep memories alive and have fun while scrapbooking for any special occasion. Be creative when designing your own scrapbook using a variety of materials from craft stores or department stores. There are many online videos and tutorials where you can learn the technique of scrapbooking, or you can use a free online collage maker to design your scrapbook using photos from your favorite social media website or images that you find online.

Materials You Need for Scrapbooking

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced scrapbooker, you will need a scrapbook album, a selection of paper patterns, photos, embellishments such as flowers, ribbon or buttons, solid colored paper, sheet protectors, scissors, a glue stick or super glue dots, a ruler, templates, foam circles or squares, a hole punch and a pen for journaling.

Choose a scrapbooking album and paper patterns that enhance your theme. There are a variety of albums and patterns for children’s scrapbook themes, weddings, graduations, family vacations and more at craft stores and department stores. Sort through your favorite photos and use solid print paper, a ruler and scissors for matting. Mats should be 1/8″ to 1/4″ larger than your pictures. You may or may not choose to use sheet protectors. If you do, your scrapbook pages will be protected for years to come.

Embellishments such as flowers, stickers, buttons or ribbon decorate the pages of the scrapbook, so a glue stick and super glue dots for embellishments will be a necessity. Foam circles and squares can be glued with super glue dots to lift the flowers or ribbon up off the page. A round, scalloped or flower shaped hole punch can be used to insert pages into the scrapbook. Use a template to trace borders, ink pads for a variety of designs, or acid free chalk to add color to your pages.

When using acid free chalk, apply the chalk using a cotton swab or a foam tipped applicator. Shake the chalk dust off of the page, lay white paper over the chalk design, and rub it, then blot off the excess chalk dust. Lift the paper off of the design and the chalk will set to prevent smudging.

Online Collage Makers

You may decide to use a free online collage maker to make your scrapbook. You can do a Google search to find websites that do not entail installation. They have a variety of layouts and customized settings for themes, colors, stickers, borders and fonts for your text. You can then add filters and upload your favorite photos from Facebook, Twitter, or another online image. The collage maker shows you how to edit your photos and lay them out in columns or rows.

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