Shipping Large Items Across the US

Shipping Large Items Across the USWhen shipping large items, the process can be quite daunting. It does not matter how many times you do it, you will always feel like the first time. All shipment is supposed to be conveniently packaged. This ensures that your goods reach their destination in good shape. Packaging prevents spillage and damage while in transit. Abnormally large items such as factory equipment are transported they way they are. For instance, it would not be possible to package a boiler for a new brewing plant in another part of the US. On its part, the freight company should provide adequate means of transport and deliver the package as promised.

The guide below will come in handy when you are considering transporting your next shipment:


It is not the shipper’s responsibility to provide the appropriate packaging material. You are the one to decide how the shipment will be packed. The shipping company can offer some assistance including showing you the most desirable options. Packaging material can be crates, cartons, crates, cages or drums. Since the items will be put into an appropriate containerized vehicle, you should ensure that there is adequate cushioning to absorb shock during movement.


All shipments across the US should be marked and labeled accordingly. The label shows your name, address and zip code as well as that of the person sending the items in case they are being sent to you. You should put the labels on the packaging’s length. If you are transporting corrosive or fragile shipments, you are supposed to prepare labeling marks to that effect. Some common ones include: fragile items, signs showing the package should be placed upwards and a host of many others. It also helps to indicate the weight of the shipment.

Bill of lading

This is a document that serves as a contract between you and the freight company, say Crater & Freighters for example. The bill of lading also gives details of what you want transported, its weight, where it has come from and where you want it taken. You should complete this document with a lot of care in order to avoid complications later. You can do so manually or go to the company’s website and complete an electronic version of the same.

Having completed the steps above, what remains is for the shipment to be taken to the freight company’s yard. Some carriers offer to pick up your cargo from a collection point at no additional cost. Since you are transporting across different regions of the US, you may opt to use road or air transport. The transporting firm usually has a fleet of vehicles and the relevant cranes for loading and offloading. The shipment is also insured giving you the assurance that your shipment will arrive in one piece.

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