The Tattoo…A Stamp of Approval

The Tattoo…A Stamp of ApprovalThere are popular songs about them. We see them featured in reality TV shows. They are all over some of our favorite athletes, musicians and celebrities. Tattoos are bold, creative images that speak the narratives of their owners without the need of words. Or in some cases, words are clearly spelled out in prominent permanency. Tattoos used to seem to be the trademark only for sailors, bikers or just everyday tough guys. Now they can be seen on just about anybody male or female, young or old.

The choice to get a tattoo usually comes at a significant point in the tattoo wearer’s life. People often get coming-of- age tattoos once they reach legal. Some get tats to represent additions or losses to the family. There are many tattoos honoring a couple’s union or break-up. Since the popularity of the tattoo has grown so greatly, the number of shops performing the services has grown as well. You have to be selective in choosing your “Tat Tech”. There are nearly a dozen tattoo shops in lafayette la, and many have specialists on hand to provide a number of other body modifications.

When choosing a shop you want to consider the safety and experience of the shop’s operators. Since the tattoo involves needles, skin penetration, blood, etc., reputable shops should be a priority in the decision. With the variety of tattoo shops in Lafayette, LA finding one highly recommended and reputable should not be a problem. You will more than likely do the homework of choosing your tattoo type, place on your body you want it, price range in your budget and time you’d like to have it done. On the day of inking a quick checklist of to keep in mind would be: Expect some pain, and know your pain threshold. Don’t take painkillers because they thin your blood. Don’t drink alcohol because it thins your blood. Thin blood results in excessive bleeding. Do take a shower because cleanliness helps fight off inspection. After the tattoo is done keep it bandaged a few hours. Avoid touching the area even if it itches. Apply an ice pack if there is swelling. Avoid getting it wet until it heals.

Many can flashback to a childhood where the ultimate Cracker Jack box prize was the coveted wet and apply tattoo. Even though many times the image it left was far from the picture it was meant to show, you still dreaded the day it totally faded away. The point is the tattoo has long been a symbol pride and individuality. They are fun to wear, fun to show and fun to discuss the origin of their existence.


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