Top 5 Reasons to Go Organic in Skin Care

Top 5 Reasons to Go Organic in Skin CareYou have heard so much being said about organic food, farming and so on. This must have been the best discovery. The healthy status of your body depends heavily on what you feed it on. The same thing applies to beauty. If your skin is to glow and look young, you must carefully monitor what you are applying on it. It is your right as a consumer to know the make-up of the products you are buying. That is why it was made mandatory for manufacturers to list the ingredients they have used on products. Your aim should be to find out whether there is harmful substance in your favorite cosmetics.

Examples of such harmful chemicals include:

  • Mercury

  • DEA

  • Ammonium

  • Polyethylene

Once your body absorbs these chemicals, it has no way of flushing them out. They remain in the intestine before finding their way to other organs such as liver and kidneys. With time, the toxins will damage your organs.

Here are reasons for going the organic skin care way:

1. Responsible skin care

Your skin is an organ, actually the largest one in your body. It contains pores that absorb whatever is on its surface. The absorbed matter eventually finds its way to your blood stream. The fragrances, shower gels, bathing soap and beauty oil that you use contain some chemicals in them. These could be the primary or secondary ingredients. On the other hand, organic products do not contain any chemical additives. Using them helps minimize the possibility of cancer, blemishes and allergies. The natural ingredients act as skin food.

2. Reversing skin damage

It is possible to reverse skin damage before it gets out of hand. By consulting your dermatologist in good time, he/she can provide a suitable remedy. Part of it will involve using natural beauty care products. The ingredient mixture aids in healing your skin. In essence, this reverses prior damage resulting from overuse of products laced with harmful chemicals.

3. Availability

Organic beauty products are now readily available at a price most people can afford. Before people got to know about the benefits of maintaining a natural skin care regimen, organic products were expensive. Today, the trend has caught up and most men and women are going the natural way. As a way of remaining in business, manufacturers have had to change their practices. You will find a variety of organic skin care products in the market today.

4. Lower cost of healthcare

Beauty products made from natural ingredients translate to a healthy you. It also means less time spent seeking treatment and reduced expenditure on healthcare.

5. Environmental preservation

With these kinds of products in the market, there is less toxic waste released into the environment. You are part of a wide group of people taking part in environmental conservation.


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