What are the Most Common Mechanical Errors?

Mechanical Engineering Cleveland has asked, “What are the most common mechanical errors?” When they did, doctors immediately said, “Eyes.”

What are the Most Common Mechanical Errors?People don’t often think about their eyes as they begin to work with mechanical machines. They worry about their hands and fingers, but few think about their eyes until it is too late. The answer is easy: safety glasses. Safety glasses can help employees avoid injury to the eye over 90 percent of the time.

What are some of the other workplace problems which can cause injury, or even death? Or can cause damage to property and expensive equipment?

Obviously, injury to extremities is a problem for many people. Depending upon what kind machine you are using, it could be very bad and you could lose your fingers, your arm or your hand. Often times it is user error which causes the problem. People don’t follow, and some don’t even know, the safety procedures for individual machines.

Gears can grab clothing, pulling the employee into a machine if they’re not careful. The same can happen with hair and certain kinds of jewelry.

If some machines are not maintained properly, projectiles can be shot from the machine and injure co-workers. This can happen when doors and compartments are not closed with machines which have fast moving removable parts.

Also, some machines which process chemicals should also be monitored so that they don’t release chemicals which could be inhaled or exposed to workers. Chemical burns as well as lung damage have been reported with some machines which have been improperly used.

Machines around a wood shop can also pose problems. Saws, grinders, and sanders can injure employees as wells as other equipment in the premises.

Another factor in mechanical errors is intoxication of employees. Some will come to work intoxicated and cause problems with machines and injure their coworkers or company property. This should be cause for immediate termination of employment. There is never a reason to go to work intoxicated. For some, it is a new medication and they should be aware that it could cause problems. Management should respond accordingly and allow the employee to do work which does not require the use of machinery.

Fire can be an ever present danger when it comes to mechanical equipment. Employees should know what to do in case of a fire and there should always be fire extinguishers near equipment which could start a fire. Management should make sure that the extinguishers are the correct type of extinguishers. There are specific type for chemical fires, oil fires or other types of fire.

Mechanical Engineering Cleveland has the answer to how to keep your property safe as well as your employees. You should not have to worry about employees getting injured. There are ways to stay safe and steps to take to ensure that your company’s equipment remains up and running.



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