What is Long Term Care?

What is Long Term Care?It happens, we go to visit our parents or grandparents one day and we find that they have fallen and lain on the floor all night in the chill of the bathroom floor. Or maybe one day we go to visit and we find that they’ve left a pot of food on the stove and it’s nearly caught fire. Pacific Northwest Agency has seen it all and them some.

Our elderly deserve better than that. They deserve to be safe and cared for in their old age.

Or maybe someone has become ill, or had an accident which renders them incapable of self-care.

These individuals also deserve to be well cared for and given the dignity of leading a healthy life.

Long term care is for those individuals who are in need of a care giver to be with them to do their everyday tasks. And it might just be something you need one day.

A long term care giver can help with anything that is needed. If someone simply needs someone who can go to the grocery store for them, then that is available. Often times, people just need a ride to and from doctor’s appointments. That type of care is available too.

However, it can be expensive to have someone on call. Long term care isn’t always covered on insurance policies and it is less expensive to begin coverage when you are younger. It is a good idea as you plan for retirement to look into what type of coverage you can get for long term care.

There are several types of long term care. You can have someone come into your home to take care of everything from dressing, meals, toileting, bathing and such to things like shopping and light housekeeping.

As we age, we all need help and often our children and other family members are too busy to help. This is where long term care shines. In the gaps between what our family can do and what we can’t do for ourselves.

It is a good idea to look at long term care as a way to preserve our dignity in our retirement years. It is also a good idea to add this into a retirement plan.

Speak to an insurance professional and see if there is any long term care covered in your current policy. If not, they can help you find a policy to help you plan for this need in your retirement.

Providing long term care is a relatively new phenomenon in the insurance world, and it can make all the difference in how comfortable you are and keeping your standard of living in your retirement.

Pacific Northwest Agency has the answers you need to get the care you might need in your retirement years. They will be able to help you find coverage that is right for you.


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