Where To Take a Girl for a First Date

Where To Take a Girl for a First DateFor men looking to be chivalrous and romantic with a girl, it can often prove as a challenge to know where to take her out on a first date. For some, they may go overboard with too much formality that makes it difficult to relax. Others may avoid putting enough effort into the date and easily settle on fast food and watching television on the date. To make a connection and impress the girl, there are a few places in particular to visit to make a lasting impression.

Play Mini-Golf

To have a bit of fun and still be able to make conversation, mini-golf is a great strategy that will allow you to spend time in a casual place while getting to know each other. You can play a round or two of mini-golf while teaching her a few new skills and competing against one another. Impress her with your skills and try to win a prize for her at the end to make for a successful first date.

Go on a Hike

For the couple who enjoys the great outdoors and a bit of mobility, going on a hike to a local area will prove to be exciting while seeing new views and talking along the way. You can even pack snacks to eat while hiking for a great way to make your date feel cared for with your planning.

Go Bowling

Hit the bowling lanes for an exciting night out that is a traditional pastime that has been enjoyed for several decades. Going bowling will make it easy to get to know each other’s personalities and compete for the higher score. Wear a casual outfit that is semi-formal and put together.

Dine at a Formal Restaurant

Impress your date and make her feel appreciated by visiting a formal restaurant that is known for its class and elegance. Ask her what type of food she enjoys eating beforehand to ensure she’ll appreciate the menu. Consider a four or five-star restaurant, a family-owned restaurant, or even Upper St. Clair Restaurant for places to visit. Offer her dessert at the end for a sweet conclusion that will complete the night.

Go on a Picnic

A picnic in the park is a romantic and laidback way to start any new relationship and will prove enjoyable by packing the proper meal. Bring along sandwiches, cheese, bread, fruit, and even dessert for an incredible way of impressing her with your preparation for the date. Choose a scenic spot on the grass to lay the blanket and basket for a cool and shaded area that will make it easy to talk and listen to the birds chirp nearby.


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