Why You Should Install Security Alarms and Surveillance in Your Place of Business

If you don’t install alarms and surveillance in your place of business, you put your business, yourself and your employees at considerable risk. Some things such as fires are fairly easy to detect with just our own senses; others, such as carbon monoxide dangers or burglaries, not always so much. All of the above have been known to lead to everything from loss of the business to deaths. If you want your business to outlast you, you want only what’s best for your business so please contact only a reputable alarm monitoring company, such as Alarm Relay, to suit your business’ individual needs.

Everyone knows that getting a business off the ground is no simple task and once your business has grown into success, you want to do everything you can in your power to protect it from everything from potential fire hazards to carbon monoxide poisoning. For this, there are plenty of alarm monitoring companies such as Vector Security who will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Alarm Relay is an alarm monitoring company that installs for both residences and business. They have been in the lead for the business for over a century now and provide 24/7 security monitoring. Alarm Relay operates with the ground-breaking and the latest technology. The second that any of your alarms are triggered, the signal is automatically transferred to the Customer Monitoring Center. A qualified security staff then notifies both you and the appropriate authorities.

The surveillance and alarms you may need may include the following:

-fire, carbon monoxide and burglar alarms. These could help you carry out your policy’s emergency plan in a much more rapid time and mean the difference between life and death.
– video surveillance, which will allow you and your employees to check on the premises of your business while you’re away. If a burglary or any other type of crime is committed in or near the location of your business, a camera often provides the needed evidence in ways that almost nothing else can.
environmental hazard monitoring can warn you when a pipe in your building structure is about to burst or of a flooding danger

Not every business will have the same need. For example, if you live in a low-risk flooding area, the environmental hazard monitoring may be a nice luxury but will likely not be at the forefront of your needs. Also, the more your business grows into success, the more that the above risks will grow with it so you also may need to upgrade or expand your security system as time goes on. For example, when you move in to a larger building, you won’t be able to monitor every room or every foot near your location for a possible burglary or other suspicious activity so if you don’t have them already, you may need to upgrade to surveillance cameras.


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